Am doing this challenge from the It's a Creative World website (

January is now almost complete. I have managed to do a journalling card for every day, and taken photos for almost every day - which need printing! - so now it's coming together nicely. One sheet of BG Periphery pp has been used for the cover, and to fill in the gaps left on the odd photoless day, and I will probably add a few primas when it's all together. Then I need to bind it!

What I don't want is to end up with 12 almost identical books, so I need to think of some other ideas.

books, food, holidays, my house, Jonathan, clothes, shopping, holidays (good one for August!)

I will choose something new for each month! Am open to ideas/suggestions for themes. Also for how to make my mini books, so far I've made a 7 x 5 mini book with 6 x 4 photos and journalling in, and have a 6 x 6 one waiting in the wings for one month (although I'm not sure yet which one), and a shaped book for another month.

January - daily life
Feburary - food
March - Jonnie
April - things I did